Collector’s Corner: My First Sheep

I’m starting a new feature here at Putting It All on the Table. Occasionally I will feature an item I have collected and share something about it.  In a way, collections are like memories made 3D for me. I have so many stories and memories with everything I’ve collected. It’s time to start sharing them. … Read more

White After Labor Day

When I put away the Easter decorations, it was time to do some rearranging. I get tired of always having things in the same place and in the same arrangement. When I’m bored, I go shopping around my house to see what kind of collection I can put together. This time I decided to pull … Read more

Surprise Spoon

My grandmother traveled to every continent except Antarctica (and I’ll bet if they had had the cruises they do now, she would have gone there as well). My grandmother was a collector. She collected Depression glass, cut crystal, milk glass, spoons from her travels, and dolls from her travels. The dolls have a special place … Read more

A New Display

Today I did my changeover from St. Patrick’s Day decorations to Easter and decided it was time to move some other things around. Although I have a collection of antique blue glass that was my grandmother’s, it is the absolute wrong color on this runner, so instead, I went shopping in my house (which is … Read more

The Gallery in My Mind

My mom and I each have a gallery in our minds. The galleries are beautiful, with perfect lighting, neutral walls, and welcoming spaces. And they are completely filled with things we didn’t buy on our trips, but we wish we had.  (If you were wondering where I got the travel shopping bug from, it’s definitely … Read more

An Ice Cream Scoop Collection

One of the hottest tickets in Naples Florida these days is The Royal Scoop, a local ice cream shop that now has two locations, but the homemade ice cream is also sold in shops and restaurants around the area. We stopped in to try the ice cream recently. I’ve never seen such an operation! You … Read more

Using My Assets

If you read my blog, you know I like to decorate for many holidays. It gives me something to look forward to and gives me a little bit of festivity throughout the year.  I like to decorate for Valentine’s Day because I love pink (no red hearts here!).  In addition to my heart shaped items, … Read more

Updating My Christmas Collections

In addition to the new decorations, which I shared earlier, my existing collections have undergone some changes, mostly because last year I received some new items for them as gifts and did not display them until this year. In case you haven’t gotten the hint, I’ve got a thing for trees, and I’ve also got … Read more

Curating Collections

Having a collection is not just about finding, buying, or creating stuff (the thrill of the hunt). It’s also about arranging, protecting, and thoughtfully caring for the collection. If something is important enough to spend your time seeking out and buying, then you have to be prepared to devote some time to caring for it … Read more

Displaying Photographs

We take tons and tons of photos on vacation. In the past five or six years, I have concentrated on trying to get a really good photo of the four us in whatever fantastic location we are at. We have photos of us eating shave ice in Hawaii, at the rim of the Grand Canyon, … Read more