I’m writing a book called Cookie: A Cultural History and I would love to include your cookie memories in it! Do you have fond memories of baking a certain type of cookie with your grandma, sampling a unique cookie on a trip or at someone’s house, decorating cookies in a fun way, eating cookies in … Read more

I wanted to share an exciting announcement with all of my blog friends. It may not be directly Martha-related, but it’s definitely a similar topic. I’ve signed to write a book called Cookie: A Cultural History: From Animal Crackers to Zwieback. It will be published in the fall of 2010 by University Press of Florida. … Read more

Cooking School Begins

Martha is plugging her new cooking school book in a hot and heavy way. The magazine has a lesson from it and each week on her show there is going to be an on-air lesson. Being a good little disciple, I have gone out and captured a copy (oddly enough in my local B&N it … Read more