Parchment Paper Folding Technique

Ok, so you’re thinking, cooking with parchment paper packets has to require some trick, or amazing origami moves. It doesn’t! It’s easier than you could have imagined. Here’s how to start.  The size of parchment you need will depend on whether you’re cooking an individual portion or a family style portion. I find that an … Read more

Another way to use parchment paper is in your panini press, waffle iron or George Foreman-type grill for sandwiches. Wrap your sandwiches in parchment, then cook. You won’t have to clean off the appliance once you’re done this way, and scraping melted cheese and sauces off these can be one nasty job!

New year, new resolutions for many of us. If yours is to simplify, eat more healthfully, or cook more at home, parchment paper packets can help you! Here are some tips to get started with parchment paper cooking, which will allow you to cook with ease with no clean up, producing healthy, yummy dishes in … Read more

Kale and Ricotta in a Parchment Bag

I recently bought a package of Paper Chef Parchment Bags to try. These are bags made out of parchment designed for cooking. I loved the concept – just put the food in the bag and fold one end. I decided to try a new recipe for kale (serves 4) 3 cups packed kale leaves salt … Read more

Giveaway! The Parchment Paper Cookbook

To celebrate the publication of my new book, The Parchment Paper Cookbook, I’m giving away a copy. To enter, leave a comment on this post. You must enter by midnight ET on Wednesday October 26. I’ll randomly and blindly select the winner by random number drawing (numbers assigned in order of comments here). Sorry, offer … Read more

Swedish Meatballs in Parchment

The first time I had Swedish meatballs was in NYC. My husband and I were there on a business trip and decided to just walk until we found a place to have lunch. We ended up sitting outside at a cute little Swedish place and enjoying the meatballs. A few years later, we went back … Read more

Veggies in Parchment

I’m really into this cooking in parchment paper concept. My latest foray is veggies in parchment, which is in Jan/Feb Everyday Food. This could not be simpler! Put asparagus, broccoli and snap peas on a piece of parchment paper. Sprinkle olive oil over it. Fold the paper over it and twist the ends. Bake at … Read more

Chicken, Ginger and Mango in Parchment

Parchment again? Yup. I got a lot of comments when I made salmon in parchment. I was so happy with it, that I was excited to try Chicken, Ginger and Mango in Parchment from Jan/Feb Everyday Food. I think I am in love with parchment paper cooking. This was so easy. You cut up a … Read more

Back on Track: Parchment Paper Salmon

Hello everyone. I’m back. Or mostly back. I was really thrown for a loop when I pulled all of my stomach muscles on the right side lifting a laundry basket. It was so ridiculous. I couldn’t believe how badly hurt I really was. Almost two weeks later, I am back to normal activities for the … Read more

Book Review: Gluten Free Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

I was so excited that the authors created a gluten free book for this series (there are several books in this 5 minutes a day series). Good quality gluten free dinner bread is really hard to come by. Store bought bread is fine for sandwiches, but sometimes I really miss French bread, challah, and Italian … Read more